The Juice Bar in Chinatown is worth a visit, both for the delicious juices and the excellent service. The “rockstar” proprietor is “kind and wonderful,” Prav says, and lipoff points out that it’s a family-run place. “It only takes one episode of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ or ‘Restaurant Impossible’ to dispel the myth that family-run places are always harmonious and wonderful,” lipoff says. “But Juice Bar is definitely both.”

lipoff says that the fresh lychee and watermelon juices are both excellent, but that his favorite is a blend of papaya and passion fruit (with added tapioca). The fresh mango juice is “extraordinary,” Prav says, but be sure to ask whether the mangoes are sweet and ripe.

Prav is also impressed with the blender, though he doesn’t know what type they use. “It doesn’t look like a Vitamix or any other industrial-type blender, [but it] must be some kind of workhorse considering the use it gets.”

The Juice Bar [Chinatown]
40-44 Harrison Avenue, Unit 1A, Boston
No phone available

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