The Burlington Mall really only has two good eating options, according to Boston hounds: Gourmet India and Blue Stove at Nordstrom.

Despite being in a food court, Gourmet India serves “surprisingly good food,” Swankalicious says. “It’s my only choice in the Burlington Mall food court, whether for a full meal or a samosa and lassi pick-me-up,” peregrine agrees.

Blue Stove at Nordstrom is southie_chick‘s “oasis in the shopping madness.” Its prices are high, MC Slim JB says, but “the execution is very consistent.” Ferrari328 recently tried the salt and pepper calamari dusted with lemon zest, and risotto croquettes with Serrano ham and roasted garlic tomato sauce, which were both excellent. “This is a really nice place and if they ever had any hiccups about the food, they certainly have worked them out now,” Ferrari328 says.

Gourmet India [MetroWest]
75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington

Blue Stove at Nordstrom [MetroWest]
75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington

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Blue Stove @ the Burlington Mall

Photograph of Blue Stove’s salt and pepper calamari by Ferrari328

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