Duck fat is the absolute best for frying potatoes, MonMauler says. Potato pancakes in duck fat fry up crisp and golden brown, with a richness that you can’t get with vegetable oil (try potato-turnip latkes fried in duck fat, pictured). And french fries cooked in duck fat develop a crunchy exterior, a soft, fluffy interior, and an impossibly rich taste. mels has tasted them side by side with regular fries, and finds the duck-fat ones to be richer, even though there is no significant flavor difference.

What else can you do with duck fat besides deep-fry? Veggo makes killer Brussels sprouts by coating them with duck fat before roasting. linguafood loves scrambled eggs gently fried in duck fat, an idea many hounds seconded. nomadchowwoman finds that duck fat does impart a flavor—a divine flavor, especially great for sautéing cabbage and carrots or enriching beans.

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