A lot of fruit pies, like apple and cherry, are made by baking big chunks of fruit in a rolled-out crust for an hour or so until they’re oozy. Delicious, yes, but all that oven time makes your kitchen hot and sticky. These meringue, chiffon, and cream pies, on the other hand, use whipped cream and egg whites to create light, fluffy fillings that don’t need to be baked, and their press-in crusts are easy to put together and don’t need much time in a hot oven. Plus, they’re best served cold, making them the perfect treat on a hot summer day.

Blackberry Chiffon PieBlackberry Chiffon Pie

Chocolate-Raspberry Cream PieChocolate-Raspberry Cream Pie

Apricot Meringue PieApricot Meringue Pie

Photographs by Chris Rochelle CHOW.com

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