Sweet-and-sour pressed almond duck (sometimes called Mandarin pressed duck) has gone out of fashion in Chinese restaurants, but some hounds still remember it fondly. Hughlipton asks if anyone knows where to find it, now that Yet Wah in the Outer Richmond has closed.

You could always make it at home, using the method CYL described in this 2006 thread.

When DIY won’t do, Chinatown classic Empress of China still offers the dish. Not bad, though it’s nothing like Yet Wah’s perfection, Hughlipton says. Joel saw a sign advertising pressed duck on an Oakland Chinatown window—he thinks it was Golden Peacock, but he hasn’t investigated further.

But after a little online sleuthing, Hughlipton discovered that the San Rafael outpost of Yet Wah still offers the sweet-and-sour pressed almond duck. What do you know.

Empress of China [Chinatown]
838 Grant Avenue, San Francisco

Golden Peacock [East Bay]
825 Webster Street, Oakland

Yet Wah [North Bay]
1238 Fourth Street, San Rafael

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