Maggi seasoning sauce is a potent source of umami used as both a condiment and an ingredient in cooking. It’s popular in Germany, China, Vietnam, and Latin America, but most Chowhounds use it sparingly, since it’s strong and very salty. A tiny bit can add depth to marinades, sauces, stews, and salad dressings.

Spot‘s family loves it in these Vietnamese garlic noodles. Sliced thin and served over rice, this steak marinated in garlic and Maggi is “a worthy fifteen minute dinner,” plum says. And Maggi is a familiar presence in banh mi.

A couple of hounds discovered Maggi in Mexico, where it shows up in Micheladas, a beer concoction with Worcestershire, hot sauce, lime, and sometimes tomato juice. Maggi also works “weirdly well” as a substitute for salt in dark chocolate cakes and brownies, ninrn says.

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