Saturdays and Sundays are all about goat, a typical weekend special in Mexican restaurants around town. The slow-steamed, meltingly tender barbacoa de chivo at Taqueria Coatzingo, a longtime hound haunt in Queens, is el jefe‘s favorite version, distinguished by a well-seasoned cooking liquid. Get it in tacos or as part of a generous platter with rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, and a spectacular consommé featuring big chunks of meat and vegetables and a welcome hit of chipotle.

janethepain spied another worthy special at Coatzingo: tacos de cabeza. “Incredible,” she says: chunks of rich head meat “in all their creamy, fatty, beefy gloriousness.”

Taqueria Coatzingo [Jackson Heights]
76-05 Roosevelt Avenue (near 76th Street), Jackson Heights, Queens

Taqueria Coatzingo [Elmhurst]
40-18 82nd Street (between Roosevelt and 41st avenues), Elmhurst, Queens

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