Tara Restaurant offers a full menu of pizzas, subs, and fried appetizers, but Boston hounds are focused on the Chilean specialties: sandwiches (chacareros, lomitos, and churrascos) and empanadas (both baked and fried).

opinionatedchef really likes the fried beef empanadas, which include the traditional Chilean combination of raisins, hard-boiled egg, and olives. “The tasty side sauce really adds zest and quality flavor to them,” she says.

StriperGuy thinks the baked version is “empanada perfection.” It’s large (about 10 inches, StriperGuy says), with an “ever-so-delicate” crust and meat filling that’s not overly heavy.

LStaff also likes the empanadas, but would prefer them if they weren’t reheated in the microwave. Still, LStaff says, the “salsa saves them.”

Tara Restaurant [MetroWest]
288 Moody Street, Waltham

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