100% Healthy Desserts is a new place specializing in Hong Kong-style desserts, both traditional and modern. Melanie Wong likes ji ma wu, black sesame sweet soup. ($3.25), an ebony-black concoction of smooth, unctuous sesame puree, with intense roasted sesame flavor and perfectly balanced sweetness. It’s clearly made from scratch, without a bunch of cornstarch to thicken it out. “I haven’t had real, lusciously rich ji ma wu like this since I was a wee one,” says Melanie.

She also rates their interesting lobster ball ramen ($5.95) 34th in the city.

As for fancy drinks, K K likes the #1, also known as the Old SF–separate layers of watermelon juice with ice, fresh pineapple juice with ice, sugar syrup, and black pearl. It’s refreshing and lovely. The tofu fa is kind of flavorless, but the texture of the tofu is remarkable–supremely soft, like flower petals.

It’s a new place, and service is slow and a bit exasperating. Go when you’re not in a hurry.

100% Healthy Desserts [Sunset]
1155 Taraval St., San Francisco

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