Where’s the best place to buy a whole pig in Los Angeles? odub has compiled a massive, carefully researched source list for both the raw and the cooked.

Interesting finds include the mostly student-run Cal Poly–Pomona Meat Science Facility, which will custom-slaughter, -clean, and -butcher a pig for you. You have to buy a pig from its “swine unit,” and then the animal’s delivered to the meat facility. Prices run around $80 for the pig and $100 for slaughtering. It’s the only source where everything, from farm to butcher, is in one place.

The best bang for your buck is at Broadleaf Game, which seems to sell pigs for 30 percent less than other sources (it’s a wholesaler, though, so your pig arrives frozen—you’ll have to thaw it yourself).

Cal Poly–Pomona Meat Science Facility [Inland Empire]
Meat Science & Processing, Bldg #34
3801 W. Temple Boulevard, Pomona

Broadleaf Game [South LA]
5600 S. Alameda Street, Vernon

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