Golden Triangle may be the only outpost of Burmese cooking left in L.A. (reports of Romantic Steakhouse, which closed in Rosemead but has reportedly moved, would be appreciated). So skip the iffy Thai fare on the menu and go all Burmese.

First off, go for the ginger salad or tea leaf salad. Ginger salad is basically a pile of shredded ginger tossed with coconut, garlic, yellow peas, ground peanuts and sesame seeds with lemon sauce. The textures, the crunch and the flavors are amazing, says pleasurepalate. You get a little sweet, a little tart, a little nutty, a little spicy in every single bite. It’s actually more like Indian chaat than the Western idea of a salad.

But the tea leaf salad (lap pad dok) is all that and more, contends Moomin. It literally has the same ingredients, plus tea leaves–fermented until they lose their tannic intensity, and instead impart a winey pickled flavor to the salad. You can get both salads as a combo for comparison.

The tofu salad is also out of this world, says pleasurepalate. Yeah, tofu. This stuff is made in-house, creamy and silky, with tons of other textures like crisp cabbage and deep-fried onions.

One of the new menu items seems like an insane idea but actually comes together beautifully. Vegetarian paratha sandwich is listed only on the menus taped to the tables. It’s two pieces of ghee-drenched Burmese paratha, drenched with sweet Thai peanut sauce and stuffed with cucumber, lettuce and tomato. “This one savory, sweet, spicy item is probably going to haunt me until they put me cold and stiff into the ground,” says Moomin. “It’s far from traditional, but it’s the ideal comfort food.”

Also check out the Burmese shrimp, sauteed with tomatoes and onions in a spicy sauce. Lots of flavor layers in this dish, finishing with a good kick.

For dessert, shue gi mok is a cakelike concoction flavored with coconut milk and raisins. It’s a lot like Filipino cassava cake, but softer.

Golden Triangle Restaurant [East LA-ish]
7011 Greenleaf Ave., Whittier

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