Who makes the best Peking duck in Boston these days? According to lc02139 and MC Slim JB, fans of this Chinese specialty should look no farther than China King in Chinatown.

At China King, run by the former owners of King Fung Garden, ducks must be ordered 24 hours in advance, and the meat is prepared in three courses. First, the crispy skin, served with homemade wheat pancakes. Next, stir-fried duck meat, which you can also opt to have mixed in with chow mein noodles. MC Slim JB explains that this chow mein isn’t the typical Chinese-American sort, but “terrific housemade wheat noodles, like thick spaghetti.” Finally, the third course is duck soup, made from the bones.

Each duck costs $38, and lc02139 says that one duck is enough to feed a party of four, especially if you add in the noodles to the stir-fry.

China King [Chinatown]
60 Beach Street, Boston

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