Load Up on Antipasti at Salumeria

At newly opened Salumeria in the Mission District, the antipasti are by far the best things going. They're better, possumspice says, than antipasti from Bi-Rite, The Pasta Shop, and La Boulange. But be warned: You'll need to order a few to offset the meager size of Salumeria's sandwiches.

"The portion sizes are ridiculous. In a way, the antipastis kind of make up for it, because at $6 a piece, they can fill you up. ... On the other hand, the duck sandwich costs $12 and was smaller, volume-wise, than a typical 6" sub," possumspice says.

Of the antipasti, possumspice's party liked the sour mackerel balanced with vinegary onions, and a salad of greens tossed with breadcrumbs, a medium-boiled egg, and lemon-anchovy dressing. They also ordered barley mixed with peas, which was not interesting enough to recommend.

"Don't get me wrong, the food was all great, but I can't imagine having lunch here on a regular basis, and they seem to be aiming for that sort of 'neighborhood lunch spot vibe'," possumspice concludes.

Salumeria [Mission District]
3000 20th Street, San Francisco

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