Taqueria Coatzingo is about more than tacos. Just ask hounds who love the sandwiches and pig’s feet, among other things, at this Mexican destination in Queens. Silverjay‘s hooked on the lengua al vapor, or steamed beef tongue. The meat’s tender and succulent, fatty, and as rich as well-braised brisket. The salsa verde it comes in is fresh, herbal, and a perfect match for the lengua. “I’m crazy for this green sauce,” Silverjay says. Good deal, too, at $13 for a fully laden plate that includes beans, rice, a scoop of guacamole, a wedge of white cheese, and tortillas. “Perfection,” Silverjay says. “Already thinking about going back again soon.”

Taqueria Coatzingo [Jackson Heights]
76-05 Roosevelt Avenue (near 76th Street), Jackson Heights, Queens

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