Phien’s Kitchen in Lowell changed ownership two months ago, which caused some concern among Boston-area hounds. “As long as the papaya salad, sausages, larb, and coconut dessert stay the same, I’ll get over it,” DoubleMan said at the time.

abgooshtdude tried the Laotian restaurant recently and gave the food a positive review. A special of sticky rice with sausage was nice, and crispy “egg rolls” (really more like Vietnamese fried spring rolls) were “very cabbagey and extra good.” abgooshtdude also enjoyed a noodle soup: “this was probably the lightest and best pho broth I’ve ever come across,” he says, noting that the pho definitely contained MSG.

The new owners of Phien’s Kitchen are keeping the old menu intact, but are also adding new items (like the pho, says hotoynoodle). “Though not able to try it under the original management, [I] was pretty impressed with the whole act,” abgooshtdude says.

Phien’s Kitchen [Merrimack Valley]
586 Westford Street, Lowell

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