Dense, rustic, Bavarian-style rye breads are among the specialties at Landbrot Bakery & Bar, which michelleats says is worth seeking out. The namesake Landbrot (“country bread”) has a hint of caraway. The Berlin brot is a bit sour with a touch of honey aroma, “magical” when served with an aged raw goat’s milk Gouda. “Just make sure you have good teeth (or good dentures),” michelleats advises, “since that crust is quite sturdy.”

But Landbrot, which opened its West Village flagship last month and has a Lower East Side café/bar on the way, is not about bread alone. Chowhounds recommend the Linzer cake, Berliners (jelly doughnuts), bear claws, rhubarb coffee cake, pretzel rolls (plain or topped with Gouda), and an apple strudel that michelleats calls “out of this world”—moist and loaded with apple, raisins, nuts, and sweet spices. Arrive earlier in the day and you’re likely to have lots of choices. kathryn dropped in around 4 p.m. and was too late for the Berliners. Timing was also an issue for katzimmer: “While I could not be more excited about the free-pretzel-with-your-beer happy hour, my pretzel was a little stale when I got it around 6 p.m.”

Landbrot Bakery & Bar [West Village]
137 Seventh Avenue S. (between W. 10th and Charles Streets), Manhattan

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