In the parking lot of a small grocery store in Studio City, a couple of “pit master TX champions” are serving up great tri-tip, ribs, and sausage, says Hypnotic23. From 3 to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, Romero & Dave’s Texas Best BBQ sets up in the parking lot, cooking “on one of those big cookers you see on cookout shows,” says Hypnotic23. Tri-tip is superb, and both beef and pork ribs are great, though Hypnotic23 prefers the pork ribs. “The owner gave me a taste of both the chicken & pork links which both had a nice snap to them,” he says.

For sides, baked beans and potato salad are good choices; other offerings include garlic potato slices and barbecued asparagus. “You choose your meats and sides and it’s all to go for $15.00,” says Hypnotic23.

Romero & Dave’s Texas Best BBQ [San Fernando Valley – East]
12903 Moorpark Avenue, Studio City

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Photo by Hypnotic23

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