With no swimsuit season to anticipate in San Francisco, our springtime has brought forth a bounty of dessert recommendations, from the affordable to high-end multicourse feasts.

RWCFoodie wrote about a churros trailer that has appeared in the parking lot of El Mercadito Latino grocery store on El Camino Real in Redwood City. After finding favor with the parking gods, RWCFoodie was able to score both of the filled pastry options: vanilla custard and dulce de leche. After paying $1.50 per churro inside the market, you take your ticket out to the trailer to receive your goods. The fresh churros were “warm, crunchy and very sweet,” according to our reporter, who preferred the vanilla custard version to the “diabetic coma sweet” dulce de leche.

For a higher-end option, Atelier Crenn in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow now offers a six-course dessert tasting menu for $55. Juan Contreras’s inventive desserts earned praise on earlier threads. In March, hound mariacarmen sounded the hyperbole alert: She had just eaten the best dessert of her life. It was Contreras’s pear-shaped pear sorbet “painted” with pear, quince, and apple to resemble “a frosted, golden and rosy pear that had fallen from its wintry tree onto the forest floor.” Each dip of the spoon brought sorbet with Greek yogurt and brown butter “snow” along with edible mud and leaves. “This was an unbelievably thought-provoking dish,” mariacarmen says. “And I don’t even care about pears.”

El Mercadito Latino [Peninsula]
1726 El Camino Real, Redwood City

Atelier Crenn [Cow Hollow]
3127 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

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