Dandelion greens can be found at farmers’ markets, or you can harvest them yourself from your yard. They can be quite bitter, especially when older, but blanching for a minute in salted water before proceeding with a recipe will cut down the bitterness, says goodhealthgourmet.

magiesmom likes them in mashed potatoes, where “the bitterness is balanced by the creaminess.” She adds them to the pot with the potatoes for the last three minutes of cooking, then drains and mashes everything together. HillJ calls whole fish or salmon fillets baked with dandelion greens “delish!” And Infomaniac suggests using them as the base for a pesto.

Young dandelion greens are terrific raw in salads. jounipesonen counteracts their bitterness by adding a bit of sugar to an oil-and-vinegar dressing. erica serves them wilted with a warm bacon dressing; to make the dressing, she fries bacon until crisp, removes it from the pan, and sautés shallots in the rendered fat. Then she adds a dollop of grainy mustard and some wine vinegar, lets it boil for a minute, adds the crumbled bacon, and pours it over the chopped greens. “Try to get the greens with the root and the white heart attached; slice the white part thin and use in the salad,” erica recommends.

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