Chowhound Soup thought there would never be a better packaged snack food than habanero Doritos. “I was wrong,” says Soup: Packaged Hot ‘n Spicy Chex Mix wins, hands down. “I wish they would make this stuff with just the Chex Mix,” says Soup. “No crackers or pretzels.” chocolatetartguy agrees about the cereal being the best part: “The cereal is more porous and soaks up more of the marinade,” he says.

Making a spicy, savory snack mix from cereal keeps alive the grand American tradition of preparing snack foods out of other prepared foods. “That stuff is crack for the munchies set, innit?” says mamachef. You don’t have to make it completely from scratch to make it your own, she says. “Been known to give it a little blast of extra Crystal sauce and then re-bake it, with an extra drizzle of butter, if I haven’t made my own batch.”

Perilagu Khan makes it at home, and “it’s absolutely killer,” he says. goodhealthgourmet longs for a ranch-flavored version (using powdered buttermilk) and a spicy curried version. “The delectable possibilities are endless, and that’s the genius of Chex Mix,” says Perilagu Khan.

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