If you taste something unexpected and alluring in the fried chicken at Kiwiana in Park Slope, it’s probably horopito, a peppery herb from chef Mark Simmons’s native New Zealand. elecsheep9 loves the spicier fried chicken at Blue Ribbon but quickly warmed to Kiwiana’s, which comes with kale slaw, mashed potatoes, and truffled honey: “as I ate more, I stopped missing the kick in favor of the interesting seasoning.”

Foods from the chef’s homeland are prominent on the menu at Kiwiana, which opened in August. New Zealand venison is roasted to a turn, elecsheep9 says, and served with excellent mustard potatoes. The Kiwi Burger, made of ground lamb with beetroot, is topped with a fried egg, Down Under–style (and it’s $2 off before 7 p.m. as a happy-hour special, parkslopemama reports). Simmons also has a penchant for pickling. His smoked, pickled mussels, served by the jar with bread and butter, are a standout starter, says alysonlaurel, who describes a “vibrant pickle flavor with the touch of smoke that rounded out all that acid and made them so rich.”

Kiwiana [Park Slope]
847 Union Street (between Seventh and Sixth avenues), Brooklyn

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