Fresh greens can start wilting in the fridge in a matter of hours, so what is the best way to keep them crisp? janniecooks fortuitously discovered a great new technique: Store them in a metal bowl covered in foil. A few points: Start with sturdy greens, “such as romaine, red-leaf lettuce, frisée, radicchio, parsley, and curly endive,” janniecooks says. Wash and dry them, and tear them into bite-sized pieces rather than cutting them with a knife. Then stick them in a metal mixing bowl covered in foil, and you’ll have an always-fresh supply of greens to chew on for days! “I haven’t kept a bowl of greens more than ten days, but on the tenth day the remaining last serving of greens was still crisp and fresh,” janniecooks says. “Even the parsley kept its fresh quality.”

mcf and other hounds get decent results by keeping greens in plastic tubs, though the salad makings don’t last as long as with janniecooks’s method. Deborah thinks it might have to do with the foil: “A year ago a friend told me to wrap my celery in foil before putting it in a plastic bag and refrigerating,” she says. “The celery lasted for weeks.”

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