Don’t go to Miyata Menji expecting traditional Japanese food. The flavors here are not koryu (“old school”), but they’re extremely enjoyable, says matikin9. Adds J.L., “My take on this is that the owner/creator of the menu is wacky, as in being purposefully non-conformist in their entire approach to ramen.” The restaurant is owned by Osaka comedian Tetsuji Miyata, and the branch on Sawtelle Boulevard is the first outpost in the U.S.

J.L. likes their “unorthodox but very, very excellent bowl of almost-Italian tsukemen.” The teriyaki beef tonkotsu ramen (with chunks of tomato) “is equally unorthodox, and almost equally as tasty as well,” J.L. says. matikin9 likes the contrast between the rich tonkotsu broth and the acidity of the tomato chunks, but soniabegonia is put off by the cold temperature of the noodles—they should be closer to body temperature, she says. Other hounds don’t find the noodle temperature to be a problem. “The noodles were cooked perfectly and [had] a great chewy consistency,” matikin9 says

Miyata Menji [Westside – Inland]
2050 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Miyata Menji on Sawtelle

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