Camie’s in Cambridge has been cooking up Haitian meat patties since 1989, and has operated as a full-service restaurant since 2000. “It’s a hole in the wall place,” grant.cook says. “I’d recommend making it a destination to try out.”

grant.cook ordered the stewed goat dinner, which had “very good flavor, and was super tender (fall off the bone, but fortunately, not many bones).” MC Slim JB is a fan of the “wicked” fried goat and the “awesome” fried-pork sub. “Nice baked sweets, too, though I’m not that familiar with Haitian pastry-making.”

The specialty is still the Haitian meat patties, which are described on the restaurant’s website as being “very similar to turnovers in texture,” though they are savory, not sweet. galangatron also recommends the house-made lemonade. “It tastes like a mix of different citrus but, whatever it is, it’s refreshing and delicious.”

Camie’s [Central Square]
152 Columbia Street, Cambridge

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