In their respective blogs this week, two of the nation’s preeminent restaurant critics dish about how to stay fit in a career where eating is part of the job description.

Michael Bauer, restaurant critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Frank Bruni, restaurant critic for the New York Times, each recently shared tips for maintaining his weight while working. You can read Bauer’s suggestions here and Bruni’s here (oddly enough, they both wrote about the topic on the same day).

Bauer recommends daily exercise, eating regularly, and eating good food (“When something tastes good, you need less to feel satisfied”). For his part, Bruni touts the merits of routine exercise (which includes running, a personal trainer, and Pilates, according to a recent article in Men’s Vogue), as well as portion control, while admitting he suffers the occasional transgression:

Those of us who want to keep eating intensely flavorful and often intensely caloric foods without assembling a wardrobe by Omar the Tent Maker or trading leather belts for elastic waistbands have to abide by certain regimens and rules.

In other words, I shouldn’t have made and eaten that gigantic bowl of salty, heavily buttered popcorn last night. (It fell pretty far outside the realm of occupational duty, and the only portion control I exerted was making sure I ate fistful upon fistful of it.)

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