Editor’s note: Tajine closed unexpectedly after this post was published.

pauliface is a self-proclaimed pushover for Moroccan food, and in a report on Tajine he ranks the Polk Street restaurant against its San Francisco competitors.

At Tajine, he tried the eponymous dish, which had a richer sauce than he’s used to and featured a surprise guest star: french fries sprinkled on top, though pauliface would have preferred couscous or rice as a complementary carbohydrate. Preserved lemon offered a nice break from the richness, though a few meatier pieces would have been even more welcome.

Of the mixed grill, only the chicken skewer was great; the lamb and the kefta weren’t as tasty. The grill plate also included a “transcendent” saffron rice with herbs, and two excellent salads—a zaalouk (eggplant salad) and shalada (tomato salad with parsley and lemon juice).

pauliface thinks that a truly excellent Moroccan spot has yet to put a flag in the ground in San Francisco, but Tajine is “low-key, traditional, delicious, inexpensive,” and worth the visit for its namesake dish.

Tajine [Polk Gulch]
1653 Polk Street, San Francisco

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