When traveling alone, it’s nice to find a place to unwind—a comfortable bar with a lively atmosphere and good food where solo diners are welcome. Boston is fortunate to have several great options, and hounds are weighing in with some of their favorites.

In the North End, devilham likes the bar at Regina Pizzeria. “The nice thing about soloing [at] the bar is it’s much easier to get a seat than if you were with a group and trying to get a booth,” devilham says. KevinJF enjoys dining solo at Prezza and Neptune Oyster, though the latter should be avoided on the weekend due to the crowds.

lescaret recommends Brasserie JO. “The food is consistently good, the drinks too, and the mood is just right for solo dining,” lescaret says. bmmommy thinks Beacon Hill Bistro is a great choice, and C. Hamster agrees. “The bar is tiny but it is a lovely cozy spot,” he says. lescaret, though, thinks the bar is too small to be comfortable.

bgavin likes Myers + Chang for solo dining, especially since the bar has a great view of the kitchen. Meanwhile BostonZest suggests Hamersley’s Bistro. “Bar dining is what my husband and I love and we always see solos welcomed and engaged at that bar,” BostonZest says.

For more ideas about where to go as a solo diner, be sure to check out the full Chowhound thread linked below.

Regina Pizzeria [North End]
11 1/2 Thatcher Street, Boston

Prezza [North End]
24 Fleet Street, Boston

Neptune Oyster [North End]
63 Salem Street, Boston

Brasserie JO [Back Bay]
In the Colonnade Hotel, 120 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Beacon Hill Bistro [Beacon Hill]
In the Beacon Hill Hotel, 25 Charles Street, Boston

Myers + Chang [South End]
1145 Washington Street, Boston

Hamersley’s Bistro [South End]
553 Tremont Street, Boston

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