It’s easy to find capers in brine at any grocery store, but many Boston hounds swear by salt-packed capers for their cooking needs. “I think the salt packed capers taste so different that I can’t eat ‘regular’ capers anymore,” Madrid says. “They are firmer and the taste is more pure.”

okra, who uses the salt-packed capers sold at Arax Market in Watertown, agrees. “The ones I got at Arax are far saltier, but I get to control how long I rinse/soak them,” okra says. “And they’re bigger than the jarred ones, so I gain control over how small I chop them.”

According to katzzz, Arax Market has two options for salt-packed capers, both at reasonable prices. Meanwhile Madrid suggests trying Capone Foods, with locations in North Cambridge and Union Square, Somerville. The capers are sold by weight, which means you can purchase a small amount. Meanwhile, bear says that Formaggio Kitchen sells them in “really big bags, which seem expensive but last forever.”

Finally, in the North End, J. Pace & Son is 9lives‘s “go-to spot” for capers—find them in the deli section by the olive bar.

Arax Market [Watertown]
585 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

Capone Foods Cambridge [North Cambridge]
2285 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Capone Foods Somerville [Somerville]
14 Bow Street, Somerville

Formaggio Kitchen [West Cambridge]
244 Huron Avenue, Cambridge

J. Pace & Son [North End]
42 Cross Street, Boston

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