Some Chowhounds absolutely love Olio Pizzeria & Café and think its pies are better than what’s served up at buzzy, trendy Mozza. alfmetals thinks, for example, that Mozza’s pizza is excessively oily, while there’s a lovely subtlety to Olio’s. yinyangdi adds that every Olio pizza is plain delicious.

But the culinary excellence doesn’t stop with pizza. Olio serves the best Greek salad in Los Angeles, says alfmetals, who also recommends the lovely wood-fired salmon and the yummy steak bites. To finish off the meal, there’s an “insane” wood-fired dessert with chocolate and hazelnut spreads, alfmetals says.

The staff is really friendly, but Olio is just not a polished restaurant. And that has alfmetals worried: “I love this place and worry that they’ll close because they are never too full.”

There is one dissenting opinion, though. Clyde complains that the pizza crust was flavorless and burnt on his visit. “The flavor was just missing from this pizza, sadly. It needed garlic powder or something!” Clyde says.

Olio Pizzeria & Café [Fairfax Village]
8075 W. Third Street, Suite 100, Los Angeles

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