Namaste is an Indian place with a buffet, but don’t write it off–it has a following among the chowhound family. It’s family dog’s number one restaurant, period, and Kitchen Imp likes it so much she drives there…from Berkeley. Seasoned Chowhounds love it, and it’s also an excellent introduction to Indian food for those not familiar with the cuisine.

Namaste features both North and South Indian dishes, including exciting things like cabbage curry, lemon pickle, and egg curry. Egg curry is basically whole hard-boiled eggs in a beautifully balanced, mysteriously spiced curry sauce. The gifted cook makes about 20 different dishes per day–delicious, varied, and Ayurvedically balanced. All you want from the buffet for $8.99, a real bargain.

Namaste Indian Cuisine [East Bay]
1671 Willow Pass Road, Concord

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