On Sunday morning, La Victoria Mexican Bakery is a great place to be, says Dave MP. The pastries are tasty, especially with the good coffee, and the sweet tamales are delicious. All the tamales, including the sweet ones and also chicken and pork, are freshly made in the morning. They also serve gelato from Copa Loca. Small coffee is $1.25 and tamales are $2 to $3. Pan dulces cost about a dollar each.

Mari could not disagree more, vastly preferring Panaderia La Reyna down the street. On Sunday you can smell the fresh bread from outside on the sidewalk, and the bread and pan dulce is better and cheaper than La Victoria. The trade-off is, they don’t have tables like La Victoria. Try them both and see what you think.

La Victoria Mexican Bakery [Mission]
2937 24th St., San Francisco

La Reyna Panaderia [Mission]
3114 24th St., San Francisco

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