aregularjoe is on the lookout for a delicious baked stuffed lobster and would like to avoid the touristy versions, which tend to be overly breaded and overcooked. Boston hounds have a few recommendations of places to try, including some unlikely spots.

MC Slim JB recalls having an excellent rendition at Cognac Bistro in Brookline, although he notes that it’s not on the current menu.

Pegmeister’s first choice for baked stuffed lobster is the Barker Tavern in Scituate, and a second choice is Finz in Salem. “I know that Finz doesn’t get a lot of love here, but it’s a pleasant spot with water views and they do a good job with the baked stuffed lobster,” Pegmeister says.

Finally, CapeCodGuy thinks that the baked stuffed lobster à la Hawthorne (lobster stuffed with another lobster) at Anthony’s Pier 4 is great. “If you can get past the ’70s décor and wait staff, I have to admit I had the best baked stuffed lobster I’ve ever eaten in my 50-plus years,” he says.

Cognac Bistro [Brookline]
455 Harvard Street, Brookline

Barker Tavern [South Shore]
21 Barker Road, Scituate

Finz Seafood & Grill [North Shore]
76 Wharf Street, Salem

Anthony’s Pier 4 [Fort Point]
140 Northern Avenue, Boston

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