Making banana bread can be purely about highlighting the sweet flavor of bananas with perhaps a few toasted nuts added in, or it can be about incorporating a range of complementary ingredients. Chowhounds’ favorite recipes fall into both categories.

“I love banana bread,” says TrishUntrapped, who calls this straightforward recipe her favorite. “Soooo moist. So delicious. The secret? Sour cream.” Sour cream is also key in Flour Bakery’s banana bread, which LUV_TO_EAT says is “very good and moist.” (CHOW’s banana bread recipe uses sour cream as well, or you can sub in Greek yogurt to good effect.)

Some hounds flavor their loaves with booze. ForFoodsSake likes this one with bourbon, while tavegyl makes this recipe with coffee, rum, and muscovado sugar. “I also keep some very sharp rhubarb compote in the freezer,” tavegyl says. “Put some at the bottom of the pan, and it comes out something like a rhubarb upside-down banana cake, which I have warm with clotted cream.”

You can play up bananas’ tropicality in this banana bread with coconut and macadamias. “I added some white chocolate in the end and it was fantastic,” Redstickchef says. And this “strawnana” bread, which uses mashed strawberries along with the bananas, is “always a hit,” according to blue room.

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