DezzerSF visited Nombe in the Mission to check out the new menu designed by Chef Noriyuki (Nori) Sugie, who’s up from Los Angeles, where he initially developed his ramen recipe at pop-up restaurants at BreadBar. Sugie is now hitting his stride, San Francisco style, with a new Nombe lunch menu that focuses on beef-based dishes that he calls “bull” ramen to reference his whole-animal approach.

As a diner, you are asked to fill out a card indicating the cut of beef you’d like, as well as any additional toppings you want (which are $1 each). DezzerSF ordered beef cheek in what appeared to be a concentrated miso broth. While the beef cheek was tender, DezzerSF says the noodles were a bit too soft and another option than miso broth would have been welcome.

L C clarifies that the broth DezzerSF had is actually beef bone mixed with miso paste, a simplified (and cheaper) version of a recipe Nori developed in Los Angeles.

Nombe [Mission District]
2491 Mission Street, San Francisco

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