Sweet Cheeks Q opened on Boylston Street near Fenway Park in November, and since then, Boston hounds have been chiming in about their experiences. This week, ChickenBrocandZiti reported on his experience with the “Big Rig,” a special set meal for large groups. According to the restaurant’s website, it includes two pounds each of pork belly, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and brisket, along with a full rack of ribs, a whole chicken, and pretty much all of the sides (hot, cold, and fried). The meal feeds 10 people, and costs $450.

ChickenBrocandZiti gave the food itself mostly glowing reviews. Pulled pork was “incredible,” smoked chicken was “succulent” and the barbecued pork belly was “fatty, as it should be, but really amazing.” Other hounds who have tried the meats are in agreement that it’s great barbecue, though there is some debate about the brisket. CambridgeFoodie thinks it’s “outstanding,” while jgg13 thinks it is “really odd” and looks more like a chuck pot roast.

There is plenty of debate about prices, as well. Some hounds have noted that the meat is sourced from smaller and more sustainable producers, and think this merits the higher price tag, but others note that a meal at Sweet Cheeks ends up costing significantly more per person than other barbecue places in town. Gabatta says that while the “Big Rig” sounds like a great spread, the same meal “could be had for less than half as much at other barbecue places in the area.”

Sweet Cheeks Q [Fenway]
1381 Boylston Street, Boston

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