Mixed reviews greet the opening of Spice I Am, a new Thai restaurant in Alameda. BigWoodenSpoon went out for dinner with the family and liked the flavorful Thai boat noodles, as well as a yellow curry dish of sweet potato, carrot, and onion. The crab fried rice merits a special mention: Big WoodenSpoon says, “I could totally eat this all day long,” even though the jasmine rice sautéed with lump crab didn’t resemble a typical fried rice.

shanghaikid wasn’t as enthusiastic about the place. He found the lunch-special situation confusing—it felt like the specials were hidden away (and perhaps made available only to those in the know). Taste-wise, the meat in his tom yum chicken was tough, and the raw mushrooms didn’t add much charm to the dish, either. The green curry with lackluster chicken and beef wasn’t any better, shanghaikid says.

Spice I Am [East Bay]
1353 Park Street, Alameda

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