You can do much more with turkey than roasting it whole on Thanksgiving. Hounds are great fans of turkey thighs, which take especially well to braising. “I’ve braised chunks of turkey thigh as a substitute for veal or beef in stews with great success,” says FlavoursGal. “The texture with long, slow cooking is wonderful.”

A braised turkey dish can be made in many styles. Marcella Hazan’s recipe for pork loin cooked in milk is “fabulous” with turkey thighs standing in for the pork, MakingSense says. “I actually learned this method in Italy with turkey before I got the Hazan book,” MakingSense adds.

sunshine842 braises thighs with prunes or apricots. The fruit’s “sweetness plays nicely with the flavor of the meat, and makes for a delicious winter dish,” sunshine842 says.

As an alternative to braising, turkey thighs make a wonderful confit, according to Will Owen. Use the same procedure you would for preparing duck confit, says Will, who prefers a slow-cooker method. If you have the equipment for it, turkey thighs are also “wondrous” when smoked, and a good alternative to ham for those who don’t eat pork, says lagatta.

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