Maine shrimp season is here, but you can expect to find high prices and a limited supply this year. That’s because there are new fishing restrictions in place—scientists are worried that the number of Maine shrimp (known for their pink color and sweet flavor) is dwindling. The fishing quota is one-third of what it was last year, which means that the season may only last a few weeks.

Science Chick recently spotted Maine shrimp at Whole Foods in Newton with the heads removed. The price was $7.99 per pound. Meanwhile, emannths has seen them at New Deal Fish Market ($4 per pound, with the heads intact) and at the Market Basket in Somerville ($6 per pound, without heads).

There haven’t been any reports yet on Boston restaurants that are serving them this season, but emannths thinks it’s worth keeping an eye on the places that offered them in 2011, including Hungry Mother and Rialto.

Whole Foods [Newton]
916 Walnut Street, Newton

New Deal Fish Market [East Cambridge]
622 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Market Basket [Somerville]
400 Somerville Avenue, Somerville

Hungry Mother [Kendall Square]
233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Cambridge

Rialto [Harvard Square]
1 Bennett Street, Cambridge

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