Arthur, a major pizza aficionado, visited 800 Degrees Pizza for a special preview dinner and for its official opening night, and had the same experience both nights: It was dining perfection that led to a “swooning pizza high.”

“I’m not prone to hyperbole, so please believe me when I say that 800 Degrees may at long last be the pizzeria that revolutionizes the way LA (and beyond) consumers think of pizza,” Arthur says. “You see, 800 Degrees is exquisite, gourmet pizza at fast-food chain prices. And it’s damn near perfect.”

We’re talking $5 to $6 for a traditional basic pizza that’s about 14 inches in diameter. That’s cheaper than a small pie at Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Papa John’s, Arthur notes. Most of the toppings cost $1 extra, and they are all fresh and top-shelf, Arthur says. “What you get for those low 800 Degrees prices is one of the only pizzas I’ve had in LA that compares favorably to the best pies from coal-burning ovens I used to eat in New York City (e.g., places like John’s or Garibaldi’s). 800 Degrees’s superb thin-crust has that perfect char that can only be created by someone who knows and cares about what truly great pizza should be.”

A few others in town have made pizza as good, says Arthur, but none at even close to this price point.

The ordering process is great too: You order from the pizza chefs, they place the pizza in the oven, and then you move down the line and grab additional items. The process takes about one minute, and by the time you get to the cashier, your pizza will be hot and ready. “This is everything that fast food should be,” Arthur says. “I suddenly realized that this was the restaurant Cosmo Kramer and his hygiene-challenged business partner Poppy had envisioned on ‘Seinfeld.'”

800 Degrees Pizza [Westwood]
10889 Lindbrook Drive, Los Angeles

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