Maybe it’s the fog and cold, but it seems like we’re all in the mood for ramen: that perfectly warming bowl of broth, noodles, and perhaps meat. Several threads that have popped up on the Chowhound board in the last couple of weeks extol the virtues of various local ramen shops.

mr_darcy revived a thread on Morimoto in Napa, praising the excellent ramen with slightly chewy noodles that were “dangerously close to being too soft, but thankfully not.” And the strong, forthright broth was flavorful without being too salty, mr_darcy says.

hhc, who is always scouting for good bargains, recently visited Tadamasa in Union City. During a 2010 visit, she didn’t like the watery curry ramen served with a skimpy portion of chicken. But this time, she loved the $2 garlic edamame and enjoyed the Sapporo shoyu ramen. hhc also says she looks forward to ordering the coconut miso ramen on another visit.

doubledeuce80 enthusiastically endorses Saiwaii Ramen’s tonkotsu ramen with spicy garlic and stewed pork add-ons. “I would say spicy garlic is a must and stewed pork +/- on your personal taste,” doubledeuce80 says.

Morimoto [Napa Valley]
610 Main Street, Napa

Tadamasa [East Bay]
34672 Alvarado Niles Road, Union City

Saiwaii Ramen [Outer Sunset]
2240 Irving Street, San Francisco

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