“If you had to choose between a skimpy delicious lobster roll with a little more ‘TLC’, or a monster lobster roll to wrap your teeth around, which would you choose?” plot921 asked recently. It’s clear that hounds don’t necessarily think bigger is better, although there are, fortunately, some great options in the Boston area for lobster rolls that are large and expertly made.

“There is varied opinion here on Neptune Oyster, but I don’t think anyone has criticized the lobster roll, especially the hot one,” says Madrid. “It is pricey, but it is huge; easily enough for two people,” she says.

Gabatta thinks that there’s no need to compromise on size or quality, since Belle Isle’s version is the “biggest and among the best.” Meanwhile, Taralli thinks the lobster salad sandwich at Alive and Kicking Lobsters in Cambridge is a great choice.

Several Boston hounds feel that the best lobster roll in any area is one you make yourself (bonus: It can be made in any size!). Some supermarkets (including Market Basket) will steam lobsters for free, and with current prices below $7 per pound, shucking the lobsters at home and making your own salad may be the way to go.

See the full thread below for tips on shucking and creating the perfect lobster salad, and check out CHOW’s recipe for hot lobster rolls.

Neptune Oyster [North End]
63 Salem Street, Boston

Belle Isle Seafood [East Boston]
1267 Saratoga Street, Boston

Alive and Kicking Lobsters [Cambridgeport]
269 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge


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