The brand-new Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village serves up some seriously excellent dim sum. It’s part of the new wave of high-end, fancy-schmancy dim sum: The menu looks like a glossy fashion magazine, ordering’s done from a menu, and the portions are small and delicate, says ciaochow. Dining here is an experience, ciaochow says, that includes fine, gold-edged china and relaxed, solicitous waiters.

And the food is great. “None of the dishes we sampled were overly seasoned—not too sweet, not too salty, just delicious,” says ciaochow.

The xiao long bao, or juicy soup dumplings, are superb here—possibly the best in town, says estone888. The wrappers are delicate but strong enough to stay together until you open them with the first bite. “The skin was not too thick, just slightly chewy and practically melt-in-your mouth tender, with a gratifying spurt of juice,” ciaochow says.

The restaurant’s Chiu Chow–style fun guo dumplings with pork and peanuts are the best estone888 has had in town by a long shot. And the shrimp and chive steamed dumplings are excellent: “super fresh, strong chive flavor but not overwhelming of the shrimp,” says estone888.

The food is uniformly great, agrees Chandavkl, who enjoyed items ranging from a baked chicken bun to a deep-fried carrot pastry, “which was excellent despite the lack of anything visibly carroty.”

Chandavkl also likes the menu’s diversity. “The mixture of Shanghai dinner food and Cantonese dim sum (with additions of [xiao long bao] and pan-fried buns) seems counterintuitive, at least in this town,” says Chandavkl. “But since dim sum cookery is its own discipline, who says the dinner menu has to be Cantonese?”

The restaurant may be experiencing some growing pains, however. estone888 reports a disasterous follow-up dinner visit, with inattentive waitstaff and long waits, occasionally punctuated by perfect food. That experience, estone888 hopes, was just the chaos of a newly opened restaurant. “I like the place enough that I am rooting for it to get its act together and be really good,” estone888 says.

Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village [San Gabriel Valley]
250 W. Valley Boulevard #M, San Gabriel

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