When you want to cap a meal with something rich that can be made ahead, a creamy chilled pie easily fills the bill.

If a celebration demands chocolate, a pie with a no-bake filling of rich, dark ganache is a good bet. This chocolate tart, which starts with caramel for a deeper flavor, is gingershelley‘s “done-for-ever-with-any-other-chocolate-pie” recipe. “Really, THAT good!” she says. “This is SO yummy and incredibly decadent.” If you’d like to add other flavors, this black-bottom pie includes macadamia nuts and a cloud of whipped cream, while this recipe tops the ganache with a creamy peanut-butter mousse.

Tangy citrus and tropical fruit flavors can also be dessert show-stoppers. A two-layer Key lime pie tops the traditional filling with an uncooked cream cheese layer that’s also flavored with the eponymous fruit. It’s “really good,” says chowser. Give a special twist to a classic and make Meyer lemon meringue pie, or marry two favorites with CHOW’s Banoconut Cream Pie.

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