The Federal Trade Commission and the food industry have been having a push-pull over advertising to kids for quite a while now. One of the issues at stake is whether food manufacturers should be allowed to use images of cartoon characters on ads and in packaging.

But if you’ve changed a diaper lately you would have noticed that the same characters used to draw young eyes to packages of “fruit” sweets and candy-coated crap on supermarket shelves also appear on diapers. Are manufacturers imprinting babies just out of the womb with characters that also show up on packaging for junk foods (even ones that try to convince moms that they’re healthy by using the word “organic”)? Consider the following diaper-snack food crossovers:

Image sources: Toy Story Huggies from Zaki’s Corner; Toy Story fruit snacks from Amazon; Toy Story PEZ from Amazon; Toy Story piñata filler from Amazon; Toy Story sprinkles from Birthday Direct; Disney Princess Huggies from BabiesRUs; Disney Princess lollipop rings from CandyWarehouse; Disney Princess gummies from Kellogg’s; Sesame Street diapers from Thanks, Mail Carrier; Sesame Street Earth’s Best Organic Crunchin’ Crackers and Organic Smiley Snacks from Earth’s Best

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