Pina’s Bistro in Orange County is where you go for reliably good Italian food. The place has been around for a long time, and their eggplant parm hero and meatball subs are both great, says kevin.

But kevin recently discovered something even better: the veal parmigiana dinner. “It was exceptional, expertly breaded and fried pounded veal, light, well-modulated tomato sauce, and a side of just al dente spaghetti, and the fresh baked bread did not hurt none,” kevin says. The desserts are all homemade, too.

But be forewarned: With most of the veal dishes running about $25, and the tiramisu coming in at $9, it’s a tad expensive for the hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, kevin says.

Pina’s Bistro [Orange County]
640 W. First Street, Tustin

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