Motivated by a too-good-to-pass-up promotion, hhc recently dropped in on Swensen’s, the iconic Russian Hill ice cream shop, twice in one weekend. There was some bad news—the holiday eggnog drink was sold out during those visits—but mostly, hhc says, both trips were positive, starting with a “tasty” scoop of Sticky Chewy Chocolate. Also on the menu are seasonal holiday flavors such as Spumoni, which hhc says is likable and features “dried fruit [and] some candy pieces throughout.” Other wintertime ice cream flavors are pumpkin, eggnog, and rum raisin. A small scoop costs $2.95, and the eggnog drink that hhc missed out on is $4.25 a quart.

hhc’s report on Swenson’s inspired bigwheel042 to pay a visit to the ice cream shop. The Spumoni is “one of the better versions I’ve had, a bit complex and not too similar to the tricolor versions ubiquitous among mass-market supermarket brands,” bigwheel042 says. “I’m not in Russian Hill very often but I’m glad the original Swensen’s is still doing its thing.”

Swensen’s Grill & Ice Cream [Russian Hill]
1999 Hyde Street, San Francisco

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