The pairing of sugary, fruity sweetness with traditionally savory meat fascinates many Chowhounds.

kaleokahu finds the pairing disgusting in the abstract, but loves specific meat-and-sweet dishes. “The *idea* … repulses me—I have always eschewed syrup within a yard of my bacon,” says kaleokahu. “Yet, the one time I tried a McGriddle, I knew taking a second bite would be risking fullblown addiction.” kaleokahu has become “happily fattened” on other sugar-meets-savory dishes, including Mongolian beef, General Tso’s Chicken, Monte Cristo sandwiches, and pollo involtini, which features a sweetened balsamic vinegar reduction over chicken-wrapped sausage.

pdxgastro and smartie both like a cranberry-and-turkey combo. pdxgastro also enjoys applesauce or sautéed apple slices with pork chops. The list is seemingly endless: “Lamb with mint jelly or red currant jelly, turkey with cranberry sauce … latkes with apple sauce, lots of Chinese food comes sweet and sour,” smartie says.

But some hounds have specific sweet-and-meat preferences. “The only applications where it works for me is with very rich-flavored meats such as duck, venison or very good pork,” linguafood says. “Foie gras comes to mind, too. It can be a nice counterbalance to have a *hint* of sweetness, like a port wine and fig reduction with duck, or cherry sauce with venison, or spicy applesauce with a good pork chop.”

In the end, there are many ways to enjoy this flavor combination. “Kind of kitschy, but little smokies [sausages] wrapped in bacon and baked in brown sugar are DIVINE!! Sweet meat at its best,” says sisterfunkhaus.

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