Thanks to a tip from cocoabrioche, aregularjoe checked out Sasquatch Smokehouse in Gloucester this week, and came back with a glowing report. Sasquatch Smokehouse is a one-man operation, run by a Gloucester fisherman named Paul. Products include smoked salmon, trout, and mussels, with occasional specials of shrimp, scallops, and salmon pâté.

Even though aregularjoe was originally on the lookout for cold smoked salmon, he found the hot smoked salmon at Sasquatch “wonderful.” It was moist and fresh, and not too smoky.

aregularjoe also loved the mussels. “These were so damn delicious that they can only be described as the food of kings,” he says. “[Paul] pasteurizes the mussels, then cold smokes them for a long time, then marinates them in an herbed dressing. This is the kind of thing that would round out an antipasto, or a charcuterie plate, with class and grace.”

Products from Sasquatch Smokehouse are available in Gloucester, but can also be found at Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Somerville.

Sasquatch Smokehouse [North Shore]
44 Whittemore Street, Gloucester

Dave’s Fresh Pasta [Somerville]
81 Holland Street, Somerville

Discuss: Looking to buy good quality smoked salmon (not cured salmon) in the greater boston area?

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