Last April, La Victoria Bakery added to its list of recurring pop-up dinners with Slow Taco Sundays, featuring food from pastry chef Luis Villavelazquez.

Windy checked it out this week and the menu included spicy tortilla soup; a dish of pickled green beans, cauliflower, green strawberries, and tiny plums; chicken flautas with pumpkin-seed sauce; and “a delectable salad of charred escarole with satsuma sections and goat cheese.” Tacos—at the heart of Villavelazquez’s pop-up—included “pioppini mushrooms with nettles and tiny potatoes,” grilled shrimp with romanesco sauce, and “rare carne asada with shisito peppers.” (Windy’s one complaint was the use of commercial flour tortillas for the tacos.)

Dessert choices were “a chocolate-orange mousse cake with gooseberries and a spongy dulce de leche cake with huckleberries,” the latter of which Windy found “divine.”

The tab for two, with iced tea, added up to $60 before tip. But Windy says that you could choose to spend much less.

Maybe the best part of the experience? A dearth of skinny jeans and PBR-drinkers. “La Victoria remains off the hipster radar,” Windy says.

La Victoria Bakery [Mission District]
2937 24th Street, San Francisco

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