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Interesting site w/ top Boston chefs

by bro sweets 12 years ago

I wonder if anyone has seen the new Amex site with videos of Michael Schlow, Ken Orringer, Barbara Lynch and others t...


BostonZest commented 12 years ago

Gourmet magazine's August issue

by rworange 12 years ago

According to a SF Chronicle article, this is worth getting ... "The supplement included with this month's issue co...


Lillian Hsu commented 12 years ago

Books on the History of Food

by mielimato 12 years ago

Anyone have a recommendation for a book on the history of food (i.e. different ways in which it has been consumed and...


JasmineG commented 12 years ago

Hell's Kitchen: Getting Hot!

by HungryForMore 12 years ago

Best night EVER: Ramsey (to Keith): I personally don't think you're ready to run a kitchen. Keith: I personall...


Leonardo commented 12 years ago

Do Food Reviewers Troll This Site?

by AliceS 12 years ago

I hope this is the right board to post this question, but it is something I have wondered for a long time: do food re...


kathleen purvis commented 12 years ago

New Yorker Magazine

by shaebones 12 years ago

Did I miss the food issue of the NYer magazine this summer? If so what month?


ciaogina commented 12 years ago

Saveur magazine's website

by joypirate 12 years ago

Really, really stinks. Seriously. Everytime I'm at work and I remember a recipe I read I basically don't even bother....


ciaogina commented 12 years ago

T V food programming

by gudeatz 12 years ago

WLIW create is a 24 hour station that offers approx. 1/3 food programming. Trotter, Bittman, Capriel&John, BBQ Unive...

Cheese Boy

Cheese Boy commented 12 years ago

Bourdain on Beirut

by Alexandra Eisler 12 years ago

In Salon today:


Fleur commented 12 years ago

"Cheap Thrills Montreal" -- is it reliable?

by Gary Soup 12 years ago

I just picked up a slender volume called "Cheap Thrills Montreal -- Great Montreal Meals for Under $15.00." It's by ...


BLM commented 12 years ago

Episode 2: Feasting on Asphalt

by Phaedrus 12 years ago

I liked this episode less than I did the first one. Even though they blew through St. Louis and featured the best th...

Alice Patis

Alice Patis commented 12 years ago

FYI: NYT "Beer Tourism" article

by psb 12 years ago

possibly of interest to some:


Phaedrus commented 12 years ago

Linda Ellerbee's Take Big Bites

by Aromatherapy 12 years ago

I've been enjoying this book--a collection of short memoir pieces with lots of travel and food. Worth checking out of...

MplsM ary

MplsM ary commented 12 years ago

NYC Interest -- Time Out New York Food Reviews on Demand @ Time-Warner Cable

by Dave Feldman 12 years ago

I stumbled upon TONY's on demand channel, #1112, and noted that they have an extensive number of restaurant reviews, ...


ILuvNY commented 12 years ago

Anybody Seen Saveur in French?

by oakjoan 12 years ago

My son gave me a copy of a mag called "Saveur" that was in French. It was really great, with articles on food that w...


MikeG commented 12 years ago

"Curry" the book

by kare_raisu 12 years ago

has anyone read this latest book to hit the food history section? ive got to pick it up!


missclaudy commented 12 years ago


by Withnail42 12 years ago

I’m always on the lookout for books on gastronomy. Any recommendations? Old or new it doesn’t matter.


melly commented 12 years ago

Behind the Scenes at Good Eats

by melly 12 years ago

We really liked this show. It was lots of fun to watch. Any other thoughts?


Soteria commented 12 years ago

Garlic and Sapphires

by Emilief 12 years ago

I began reading this book on Saturday and could not put it down until I finished it. After reading it I felt like I r...


murray6789 commented 12 years ago

Restaurant/Server blog

by alakate 12 years ago

I have heard from a few friends who work in restaurants in the Boston area that there is a server blog. Does anyone k...


TexasToast commented 12 years ago

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